1900 Week ending Jan 19th The annual Tea , distribution of Prizes, and Concert took place on Thursday Jan 18th. The concert was repeated on Friday. The receipts for both evenings amounted to £8..14 . This amount has been expended in the purchase of prizes, a museum cupboard, and picture frames.

1900 Week ending Jan26th Many children have been absent for a period of six weeks or more, on account of scarlet fever etc.
1900 Week ending Feb 9th There are 12 cases of “whooping cough”
1900 Week ending Feb 23rd “Whooping cough” appears to be spreading. Twenty two absent all the week from this cause, and five from Scarlet Fever.
1900 Week ending March 2nd Whooping cough very prevalent. Only 50% of Infants present during the week.
1900 Week ending March 9th In the Infants’ Class the average is 20.9 out of 51. Whooping cough is the cause of absence in most cases.
1900 Week ending March 16th More than half of the Infants are still absent from whooping cough
1900 Week ending March 23rd In the Infants’ Class twenty two children still kept away by whooping cough.
1900 Week ending March 30th Attendance in Infants’ Class improving.

14/9/1906 The Education Committees Attendance Certificates for 1904/5 were distributed by Rev. W E Bannerman; 1904 Honours 34, !st Class 26
1905 Honours 44, 1st Class 17

8/4/1921 The childern were able to observe an eclipse of the sun.

22/4/1921 The school was closed for the children to enter the Northants Musical Competition; two First Prizes were gained.

20/12/1922 Charles Orland was presented with a gilt medal for three years’ continuous attendance.
12/11/1924 Charles Orland was presented with a silver medal for five years’ perfect attendance.

1924 The School was presented with a Memorial picture of the Great War.
11/11/1955 The Memorial picture was wreathed.
26/2/1932 The Cricket Shield was presented.

1945 Re-opened after Easter. Winwick school has now closed.
10 Sept 1946 Free School Milk scheme starts.
20 Dec 1949 Parents’ Day and Show of Work in the school, including honey from the school hives.

25th March 1954 A Schools Drama Festival was held. Lorna Lattimore remembers; “They performed at Watford Court for Lord and Lady Henley.(The house had its own little theatre) They also performed at Guilsborough. Bob Gammage played the King - very brilliantly.The costumes were lovely.” They performed ‘King John and the Abbot’, a play in three scenes, adapted from the old ballad by E W Lattimore, the Headmaster.

7/10/1958 An electric pottery kiln was received.
4/9/1968 A Television set was received, paid for by the Trustees. Two weeks later the chilren started TV lessons.
Dec 1981 Jacob Budd had the distinction of being the first child in the school to receive an Award for passing the Advanced ASA speed test.