June 24th1890 I today punished several boys for their late attendance at school - they having gone to a meadow some distance from the Village to see some Shetland Ponies.

June 15th 1891 Complaint was made today of younger boys entering a garden and taking gooseberries from it. I enquired searchingly into the matter, found that one boy had entered it, and strongly deprecated the action to the whole school.

Augst 31st 1891 The Chairman of Trustees visited the school at its opening this morning and announced the adoption of the Elementary Education (Fees) Act 1891. In doing so, he urged the necessity of regularity on the part of the Scholars, and advocated the claims of the School Savings Bank now that no fees are required.
October 9th 1891 A number of children between the ages of 3 and 5 have been admitted.(Consequent, no doubt, on the removal of the fee); also, a small private adventure school has been closed in the village and the children admitted here.

Decr 10th 1891 The Boys have this week formed a Foot-ball Club in connection with the School. A goodly number have joined and there is promise of its being successful.

1892 April 12th Nine children have this morning gone to Long Buckby Board School to be examined for Labour Certificates.
1892 April 20th The Treasurer of the Schools called this morning with the Schedule of passes(from HMI) of the children presented for Labour Certificates at the Long Buckby Board School Examination- six out of the ten sent down have fully qualified.
1892 April 22nd The Children mentioned (above) have applied for and had issued to them Certificates permitting them to leave School. They have accordingly left for field work or domestic service.

1892 May 1st The School was closed to-day according to Annual Custom
.1896 Dec 1st The Schedule relating to children presented for Labour Certificates was brought to the School by the Treasurer today.The results are as follows
Baxter Arthur x x x
Dunkley Saml x x x
Kirby Harold x x x
Braunston Ada x x x
Boyson Mary x o x
Orland Annie x x x
Lee Ethel x o o
Adams Ellen x o x
Bush Mary x x x
Nicholls Mary x x x
Mortimer Ellen x x x
Orland Mabel x x x
Baxter Rhoda x x x
Harfield Ethel x x x
Gammage Jennie x x x
Gilbert Nelly x x o
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