6.1.86 School opened for the new term.
8.1.86 17 new children were admitted today. We now have 256 children on roll. Mrs Everitt (Gov) called in to discuss next week's Scale 1 interviews.
17.1.86 It is clear from looking around the school that great efforts are being made by the staff to develop science activities with the children. In this time of industrial action and low morale in education, it is heartening to be part of such commitment.
21.1.86 Mrs. Everest (School Meals) visited to discuss plans re: use of dining area for a class next term. S.E. hearing test on one child. chris Parsons visited to discuss the organisation of classes next term. Community link visitors.

31.1.86 Deputy Headship interviews. 3 candidates were interviewed. Mr Colin Plummer from ILEA was appointed by the Governers.

7.2.86 Class 4 consultation day. School nurse visited - a few pre-meds. The heavy snow has resulted in a large number of leaks throughout the school - some equipment has had to be moved - there may still be some damage.

24.2.86 School due to re-open after half term holiday but closed because of lack of heating and water. A broken water pump led to further problems of burst pipes. All children safely home by 10.30am. Staff remained on premises in heated staffroom, Staff meeting held.

8.7.86 A cheque for £355 was presented to MK Hospital - raised from sponsored silence. Parents and press attended presentation. Health visitor called to discuss a child's progress at school. Mrs Everest (school meals) visited.

25.8.86 School broken into over Bank Holiday weekend. Nothing taken but fair amount of damage - windows need replacing, locks on doors.

5.9.86 New entrants started school today in classes 5, 6, 7 and 8 - 26 in total. 230 on roll - a few more children due to enter school in near future.

8.12.86 Mrs B King taking class 1 for last 2 weeks of term. first years from Middle School watched the dress rehearsal for our Christmas concert.