6.1.88 30 new entrants started school bringing N.O.R. to 246. Evening PTA committee meeting.

15.1.88 Gas pipes disconnected - no service available to school. (Kitchen closed).

18.4.88 First day of summer term. 4 transfers in, 2 transfers out. Graffiti cleared from playground wall.

22.4.88 NOR including NE 267.

27.5.88 School finished for half term holiday. during the half term break the school was broken into on at least 2 occasions - a number of items taken - police informed. Skylight mended.

8.6.88 I visited Bletchley police station re identification of stolen property and statement re: break in.

13.6.88 Police returned most items taken during last break in.

5.9.88 School opened for the Autumn term with 206 on roll initially.

15.9.88 Classroom 1 used for polling - Denbigh Ward By-election. The school remained open with Class 1 working in the hall for the day. Mrs Redmond, mother of Derek visited to talk to Class 3 (Miss Waters) Derek Redmond will be representing Gt. Britain at the forthcoming Olympics in Seoul - 400m and 4 x 4 relay. The children are eagerly awaiting the games. Derek attended this school and started here in 1971 when the school first opened.

18.11.88 Kitchen cleared (at last!) of food items.

21.11.88 The school was broken into again - a little cash taken but no damage.

1.12.88 Burglar alarm fitted.