The village as it was

This is a walking tour around the main streets of the village as it was during the war. If you begin where Primrose Road joins from Loughton Road, to your right was the Old School, then walk along Primrose Road and a little way down on the left was the Post Office, this is where the Village Shop is today and on the opposite side of the road was Home Farm. Continue down the road to the bottom, to the right was a row of cottages called Brookfield Cottages and further on you came to Glebe Farm.

On the corner of Primrose Road and Abbey Road was a pub called The Bell Inn and continuing along Abbey Road on the left was a row of cottages much like they are today. On your right was the Moat House. The moat came along the side of the narrow road, with railings to stop you falling from the road into the moat.

If you continue round into Vicarage Road , on the right up a small road was Manor Farm , which is now a Youth Hostel. Saint Lawrence church was next to Manor Farm with the Memorial Hall opposite it.

Opposite the road which led to the church was a little row of cottages which all shared a well. This was know as Well Yard. A little bit further along Vicarage Road on the left was another shop.

Continuing along the road you then came to the Victoria Pub on the left and the Prince Albert pub on the right. At the top of the road was the Vicarage on the right and the old Chapel on the left.

Turning the corner left into Loughton Road , just past the chapel was a row of cottages know as Providence Place and next to them was the Bake House ( bakery) . Further along on the left the stables to Bradwell House on the opposite side of the road. Past the stables was a cow shed and then on the corner was the old Blacksmiths forge.

These were the main roads of the village with a few more houses along Loughton Road going towards New Bradwell and a few cottages up Common Lane.

These roads and many of the buildings still remain today.

Map of village as it was
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