The main source of communication in the village was the radio and a limited supply of newspapers.

Radio and newspapers played down the threat of an actual invasion - it was always quoted as "an invasion might happen". The threat of war was viewed differently by villagers from those living near the coast.

Children in the village were constantly warned against the dangers of talking to strangers in case they were German soldiers.

There were no telephones in the village and in the event of any medical emergency, someone would walk to Wolverton, going across the fields, to fetch the doctor.

The local nurse, who lived in a cottage in Vicarage Road, was always on call to deal with any minor ailments and injuries. Families in the village relied on the services of the local nurse as they could not afford to pay for the Doctor and because of this a lot of children were treated by the nurse at school. There was no National Health Service.

The village nurse delivered all the babies in the village and one of her other tasks was to prepare the bodies of the dead, getting them ready for burial.

As there was no hospital people in the village would travel to Northampton Hospital in the event of an emergency.

Homemade remedies were also used, such as bread poultices, and herbs.

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