Home Grown Food

Allotments were a village tradition before the war started. They were situated off Common Lane.

With the start of War, families in the village relied heavily on them. The allotments were very sought after and difficult to get during the war.

They were a great help in providing fresh vegetables for the family when so much food was being rationed.

A lot of families in the village kept chickens for fresh eggs and the people in the village were allowed to glean (collecting the cornheads left behind by the farmer) the cornfields after harvesting to help feed the chickens.

Pigs were also kept by some families and any left over food or spare vegetables were boiled up to help feed them.

If people kept pigs, or chickens, they would have lost some or all of their meat and egg ration.

A few families kept bees. Honey was a great treat!
Rationing was a hard part of life during the war years and got worse as the war progressed: However, people in the village were fortunate enough to be able to grow and eat their own produce.
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