On e employee of Hinde & Mann who worked there as a messanger was Alec Crouch. Whilst they had differing political views, Alec was quite radical in his views so they had a strong common interest in the welfare of their fellows and the local communit generally and subsequently worked together on many committes.
In the 1930's the Olney Fire Brigade then owned by trhe Parish council was in a terrible state with worn out equipment and no money to replace it. Alec Crouch and J W Mann worked together to persuade the Rural District council to accept full responsibilty for the Fire Brigadealthough still manned by local volunteers. At the outbreak of war the local Fire Brigade became part of the National fire Service and eventually became the responsibilty of Bucks County Council. During this period and to the present day it has been manned by local people.
Olney Fire Station today
J W Mann died in 1951 aged 91 years. In his lifetime he worked tremendously hard for both his business and the local community and was generally held in very high esteem by the people of Olney.