J W Mann was the major influence in the Economic and social development of Olney in tghe first half of this century

As a councillor he was instrumental in the bringing of the sewage works to the town. Before then you had a 'Privvy' (toilet at the bottom of the garden) . Quite often the well where the water came from for drinking, washing etc was there too and the water often got polluted so the introduction of the sewage system was a major benefit to everybody.

Mr Mann was also involved in the telephone service being installed in Olney. This was of great benefit to to local businesses including the Hinde & Mann factory. As a result the factory telephone number was just '7'.
Mr Mann chaired and was involved in many local clubs, societies and commitees during his lifetime and gave generously to many local causes including the errection of the War memorial that stands in the Market square. Following the 1914-1918 warmany of the local people wanted a War Memorial whilst others thought any funds raised should go towards a Town hall. J W was so strongly in favour of a war memorial that he donated 100 guineas towards the cost to ensure its erection.
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