Reverend Guest came to England in 1894 and took a curators job at St James, West Hampstead. The picture below was taken in this parish. Revd Guest is the last man sitting on the front row at the right as you look at this picture.
He stayed at St James, West Hampstead until 1897. He then moved onto St John Evangelist in Brighton and was there until 1899. His next church was St Paul, Brentford 1899 - 1901, followed by St Phillip, Kensington 1901 - 1903 and St John, Stamford Hill 1904 - 1908. It was at this last church that he got such a favourable account from the parish which was mentioned in the Wolverton Express at Reverend Guest's inaugaration into St James. At the time Reverend Guests gross income was £350, nett £300 per year and this included a house. The parish of Stantonbury Village's population was recorded to be 3390.
This is the account of why Reverend Guest chose to come to St James, Stantonbury
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