Reverend Allan Newman Guest

Reverend Allan Newman Guest was born in County Kerry, Ireland in 1862. His family had originally come from France a fact of which Reverend Guest was very proud.

He was privately educated as a child and eventually took a B. A. in Divinity at Trinity College, Dublin in 1889. He then went on to take his M.A. which he completed in 1893.

Pictured right is a copy of Revd Guests certificate of ordination which is dated 29th November 1891. The original was written upon a parchment document and still looks as if it had been issued today.
During this time he had been a Deacon & Parson at Killaloe during 1891,and was a Curate of Creagh, County Galway from 1891 - 1892. He then became a Molyneux Chaplain in Dublin from 1892 - 1894.

In 1894 Reverend Guest came to England. Next Page