You can build up a wealth of information about people's lives by doing some simple detective work in a church yard. Here are some things to look at.
Read what is written on the tomb stones
Who is buried there?
When did the person die and when was he/she born?
How old was the person at death?
Were children more likely to die in infancy in olden times?
Are there years where there was a high death rate?
Was this due to war or disease?
Is the person's occupation indicated?
Do you see many stones with the same family surname?
Are these same names common in the area today?
Look at the different kinds of memorial
Is it an urn, a statue, a plaque, a vault or a tomb stone?
Can you tell whether a rich person or poorer person is buried there?
How has the style of lettering changed over the centuries?
Can you tell by looking at the lettering if the tombstone is old?
Are different materials used?

Is the memorial made of stone, metal, wood or something else?

Can you tell the military tomb stones apart from others?
How can you tell which are the more recent burials?
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