Stewartby (previously Wootton Pillinge) not only owes it's name, but it's very existence to the Stewart family. Stewartby grew out of a dream of both Sir Halley Stewart and his son Sir Malcolm Stewart. They believed that good working and living conditions for all employees was essential. When the Stewart men first became involved in the brick workings at Wootton Pillinge there was no more than 2-3 farms and a dozen or more cottages in the tiny hamlet.
However in 1926 their dream project began with the building of the first houses. Their policy was to build houses with piped water, electricity and drainage facilities. All houses were to have large gardens, flush toilets and indoor bathrooms, be spacious at a low rent cost. Their ideas were years ahead of their time.

The first houses built were Churchill Close (as is known now) and the house running up Stewartby Way on the right hand side up to School Lane and from the village hall round to the Station. This together with the Memorial Hall made up the model village, which in 1935 was renamed STEWARTBY in honor of the Stewart Family and that name has remained as a tribute to both Sir Halley and Sir Malcolm Stewart.

However it was not enough to just provide housing, they wanted to provide for the whole of the workers and their families needs, hence the building of Memorial Hall, Schools, Social Club, General Store, Swimming Pool and Bowling Green.

BY the outbreak of War the village consisted of 210 dwellings. However it was following the War the main high street was named Stewartby Way and the four closes were named after famous National War Leaders, Churchill, Alexander, Montgomery and Wavell. Building began again after the War with the creation of the Rousbury, Pillinge and Magpie Estate.

1951 saw the building and dedication of the Stewartby United Church, which had long been a dream of Sir Malcolm Stewart alas he was to pass away the same year.

1955-56 a new project started. the former workers and their families were to be provided with rent free accommodation in the form of the Sir Malcolm Stewart Trust Homes.

In 1984 much of Stewartby was sold off when LBC was taken over, however the village has continued to grow, with the new developments of the Pastures and Meadows in 1992 and future plans for new developments.