The 13th Century
It is estimated that towards the end of the 13th century the Earl of Oxford, proprietor of the Manor of Calverton, provided the church of St Giles, erected on Stratford west side. It was a chapel of ease built to cater for the needs of travellers along the highway known as Watling Way.
St Giles Church, Stony Stratford
Similarly, the Manor of Wolverton, lying on the north east side of Watling Way, provided its own chapel of ease which was named St Mary Magdalene.
The remaining tower of St Mary Magdalene Church, Stony Stratford
Fairs were held in the town on the festival of these two saints - St Giles and St Mary Magdalene. Stony Stratford became the first town in Buckinghamshire to have two churches
The Market Square, Stony Stratford, with the tower of St Giles in the background. The photo also shows Wesley's tree.