St Mary Magdalene
The Early Days of The New Church
1958 - 1967
The new church was named for the old St Mary Magdalene church of which only the tower remains. This church had originally been built in the 13th century and would have been Catholic until the Reformation.

St Mary Magdalene did not have a parish of its own; it was merely a chapel of ease for the Wolverton parish. Father Johnson said Mass there on Sundays at 9.30am and in the Wolverton church at 8am and 11am.

From 1962 until 1972, a group of Franciscan monks ran St Anthony's School in the building known as Fegan's, which is opposite the church. In Father Johnson's absence, a Priest from there would officiate.

Father Johnson moved from Wolverton to Wellingborough in 1967. He came back regularly, however, to visit some of his old congregation and would usually say Mass in the home of Mrs Rickaby, one of the Beale family, who was a stalwart of the church, and a few people would usually be given an invitation to attend. He continued to do this until he died in 1994.
This is an altar used by the Franciscan monks when they ran the Catholic boys' school in the building known as Fegan's. It was given to Fr Connolly when they left in 1972. It stands in the entrance porch. The stairs to the choir loft can be seen rising behind it.
An old photograph of Fegan's Boys Home taken from the rear. Did you notice the tower behind it on the left? That is the old St Mary Magdalene Tower