Revnd, Thomas Keble
The Vicarage

Revnd. Sir
Soon after you were here I cast for Oakridge a noble Peal of six in the Key F - according to the express wish you made known. I for long made enquiries whether such were wanted at the Churches but met with no desired answer - at length Stony Stratford made application for me to recast their old bells to a similar Peal as yours - which work they wanted to be completed by the Coronation that they were delighted with the opportunity of taking your admirable Peal and so suffer no delay in the order.

The hangings such as the Wheels, Stocks, Rollers, Brasses, Ironwork etc., - with the substantial oaken frame were not needed at Stony Stratford (with the Old Metal) is still waiting the completion of your kind Order.

Dont you think Sir as your subscriptions are backward and in some instances subscribers wholly withdrawn that a smaller Peal would be advisable such as one I will mark out it will be a great saving in the expense and which will be quite sufficient for your Tower and situation.

The frame may be sent off immediately with the hangings - and the Bells I shall be able to get completed in about six weeks.

I am
Revnd. Sir
with the greatest respect
Your Obedient Servt.
Jn Taylor

P.S. I have lately heard that there is a New Church Building in the neighbourhood of Cheltenham whose tower it is said will be finished with a large Peal of Eight or Ten Bells - the Stones for this building I understand are to be dug from Bisley Common and thinking you Sir to have some knowledge of the most important of the parties may I beg you to speak of us as Founders and also I should esteem it a great favour by you sending to me the address of any Gentleman to whom I could send in an estimate.

Oxford June 4th 1838