Bill Barby has been a parishioner of St Mary and St Giles all his life. He was born in 1938 in the White Horse pub in Stony Stratford High Street which was run by his parents for many years He was christened at St Giles Church and later became a choir boy at the age of eight. Bill says they had choir practice on Wednesdays and there were two services on a Sunday. He says girls were not allowed to join the choir and choristers were paid for their singing.

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Above - the choir in 1946 with the Rev Steer. Bill is circled. The choir disbanded after the fire of 1964.

The fire burnt down the choir stalls which were never replaced.

Left - a picture of Bill with his mother on his christening day. When his voice broke he progressed to become a server under Rev Hutchings. "In those days the servers wore a very bright red cassock with white surplice. There were about half a dozen servers - two assisting the Vicar by holding his coat, another carrying the book, one carrying the cross and usually a couple of candle bearers." Bill organised many of the fund raising activities such as the regular church garden parties and bazaars which were advertised around the town on a huge poster.

He remains a parishioner of St Mary and St Giles and is a 'sidesman' at the church which involves collecting the money and ringing the bell.

Above - Bill Barby works as caretaker at St Mary and St Giles school and is well known for riding his tricycle around the streets of Stony Stratford.