The school we attend is 29 Years old,
Built on Fred James Scrapyard so we're told,
The River Lovat is very near,
It runs right by us to a weir.

To look at, the school is not so grand,
In fact the architecture is quite bland,
However the view behind the school is stunning,
With a good field at the side for running.

There is also a playground for rain or shine,
With two dinner-time sittings, it copes just fine,
There are 13 classrooms and one nice hall,
Just right for Year 4's, 5's, 6's 7's an 'all.

Of Teachers there are13, plus one Head,
Who all work very hard, it has to be said,
Don't forget the Welfare and Lunch-time staff,
And the Staff who clean the school-Much hardgraft!

We have 354 children at the school,
Who must abide by every rule,
The school itself has a good reputation,
For Standards in Children's education.

There are also trips away to Derbyshire, France and River Dart,
Which Teachers undertake with goodness of heart,
It takes time to make arrangements and much commitment,
To make sure the trips make a life statement.

After school clubs are also provided,
For certain Year groups or not divided,
Clubs include Science, Choir, Games, Art and I.T,
The children love them and they are usually free!

We hope this poem explains quite well,
That our Lovat School is really swell.

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Children dressed in 1810 costumes when the bridge was built.
You persevered with the poem so here's a picture which will probably cheer you up!
This picture is of a gentleman called Fred Pratt, who is sitting on an old dentist chair in Fred James Scrapyard. We are indebted to his nephew Mike Pratt for many of the photographs on this Website. This area is now part of the lawn to the front of Lovat School. Photo taken 1967