Coronation Year
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For many years both the Bedfordshire Times and the Woburn Reporter would give the news of events happening in the local villages. Here are some details of events reported in 1953.
A public meeting of the Coronation Committee was held in February to discuss suggestions for the celebrations. It is hoped to, give every child under school age a mug or beaker, have a fancy dress parade and a decorated vehicle competition.
The Mossman Window
In the Husborne Crawley Parrochial Church Council meeting of March, Mr Robin Deacon suggested that trees should be planted alongside the northern and eastern sides of the church to mark the coronation and enhance the churchyard. Mr Abbott suggested 2 Cedars and 2 flowering trees would be welcomed and thought there may be people who would donate a tree for this purpose.

The Chairman reported that the glass for the "Mossman" memorial window had arrived for installation.

During this month the Parish Council asked the bus company to charge 11/2d from the Reading Room to the Church instead of the present charge of 3d.
School Lane looking up to the Church
In the April of 1953 a heavy steam engine with water cart and caravan went out of control and raced down Church Hill. Fortunately the driver was able to maintain a straight course and there was no other vehicles on the road, it came to rest near the brook.

During May the local children collected refuse for a bonfire which they hope to have in the orchard of 'The Bull' inn.

Mr and Mrs T.D. Abbott invited all the old people of the village to a 'Coronation' party at Crawley House.
Crawley House