Plane Crashes
World War II
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The second incident was in the Spring of 1944

Joan Healy (nee Battams)
"I remember very clearly the events that took place one evening in the late spring of 1944. I was 14 years old then and I had been in Woburn Sands and was travelling home on the bus. It was about a quarter to eight in the evening and I was just getting off the bus. As we stepped down someone screamed and we all looked up to see an enormous ball of fire coming right over us. I was pushed to the ground and we just lay there with our heads covered until we heard a crash a few moments later. It was a plane that had passed over us and came down near the old church at Segenhoe just by Ridgmont. We didn't realise at the time what had happened but we heard later that there were about eight men on board who were all killed. It wasn't a German plane, It was one of ours which had been damanged and was trying to make its way home.

A friend of mine remembers the incident even more dramatically as she was courting at the time and was with her boyfriend under a tree right in the field where it crashed. The shock of it made her ill for a long time. Imagine, she had been right there in the very field!"

There was a third crash reported in the war time incident accounts which occurred in 1945. The entry reads as follows:

22nd January 1945. 22.05: Beaufighter crashed at Mill Road, Husborne Crawley, 300 yards from Dr. Mann's house. Two in plane believed injured.