Plane Crashes
World War II
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During the war years Husborne Crawley was to experience several dramatic events. Two incidents involving British Bomber planes are recalled by Betty Williams and Joan Healy.

The first incident was on 9th September in 1941 and involved an RAF Hampden bomber.

Betty Williams (nee Stapleton)
"In 1941 I was a young girl living at 62 Crow Lane. I remember the occassion of the plane crash in what we called then the "Football Field" just by Horsepool Lane. It was the middle of the night when a British plane that was in trouble passed over the village.
As it came in low, a couple of the crew managed to bail out, but one poor fellow got his parachute caught up in the top of one of the high elm trees that used be along beside the road, and was left dangling upside down from its branches. He began calling out for help and his cries were heard right across the fields, "Please help me, please help me," he was calling.
Betty Stapleton
My father, Bert Stapleton, ran to his aid and climbed right to the top of the tree to release him. They took him to the first aid post, which was at Mr Collin's Dairy. I believe one other man survived but I think two others were killed when the plane hit
the ground and their bodies were taken to the Bull".
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Bert Stapleton
I can't remember the name of the airman but I do recall that a few years later he came back to the village to find my father and Mr. Collins to thank them for rescuing him and he then went on to come and visit us every summer for many years."