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The Duke of Bedford had Husborne Crawley School built in 1867. It was his wish that children of the poorer families of estate workers should be provided with an education.
The first headmistress of Husborne Crawley School was Miss Suzanne Elizabeth Ridley and the first entry she made in the school log book reads as follows:
Duke of Bedford's Crest on the school wall
9th October 1867: Commenced school for the first time in Crawley.
54 children.

10th October 1867: Only 9 can write even small words or do a simple sum, the rest can hardly form a letter.
First entry in the new school log book of 1867
First school log book
133 years and ten Head teachers later, the standards of those first Husborne Crawley School children could not be more different.

In February 2000 the staff and pupils celebrated being identified as a "Gold Star" school by being judged to be in the top 5% of schools in the country. Chris Woodhead, OFSTED supremo (Office for Standards in Education), praised staff for "achieving high standards and providing an excellent education for their pupils".