The Restoration of
St. James Church
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"Rapid progress in connection with the Parish Church restoration has taken place during the past few weeks. The men have worked overtime, and it is hoped that the greater part of the work will be finished in time for the re-opening services fixed for the 19th. The opening day seems to point to one of deep interest for the villagers, for in addition to the visit of the Bishop of Ely, who is to preach in the afternoon, the Rev. C.F.Bickmore, the former Vicar, is to be present and preach at the evening service. Some valuable gifts have been given for use in the restored church. These include a very handsome brass ewer for the font, a new altar and cross is given by Mrs G. Ellis Wynter, of Crawley House, in memory of her parents, the late Robert Shipton Orlebar, Esq and Mrs Orlebar. Then in the memory of the late Mr R C Barnwell, a lectern is given by his family and Miss Timmins has presented a pair of candlesticks for the altar."
St James in the 21st century