The Restoration of
St. James Church
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"The Church bells have been returned from Messrs. Taylor's after renovation. It is hoped the rehanging will be completed so that the Beds. Changeringers will be able to ring them to-morrow, Saturday, when they have their quarterly meeting in the district. The Church renovation is going on apace now, quite a little army of workmen taking part in the opperations. The Vicar states that those responsible reckon that if nothing unforseen occurs the work will be completed by December 16th. Already sufficient has been done to show that the church will much more convenient and greatly beautified."
"In connection with the Church renovation gas pipes have been installed throughout the interior of the church. It is hoped that before the work has been completed a gas petrol machine will have been installed. The light from the gas petrol is expected to be much more satisfactory than the oil lamps,and also less expensive."