The Restoration of
St. James Church
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The church bells were removed from the tower last week, and have now been sent away for renovation, which will include cleaning and being replaced in an iron frame in place of the very old wooden one. The frame will contain sufficient room for 8 bells instead of 6, and the vicar and his parishoners fondly hope that soon they will be in a position to purchase two additional bells to make a peal of eight. Numberous villagers got a view of the bells for the first time. some of them were placed in the tower in Cromwellian days and for three hundred years have rung out their message to the inhabitants of the district.
"The somewhat unusual course of publishing the banns of marriage at a Reading Room happened here on Sunday, the church services being held there while the Church is under renovation. One of the parties was Mr .W. H. Hogg, the resident manager of the experimental farm."
Experimental Farm