Marriage of
Barbara Woods and Douglas Neale
2nd April 1949
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The Wedding Party
outside 33 Turnpike Road
Barbara Neale:
"We were engaged for about two years and were married in Husborne Crawley Church by
Rev Charlton on 2nd April 1949 when I was 25 and Doug was 23. My wedding outfit was made by Miss Wilsher, a tayloress who lived at number 13. She was a wonderful dressmaker. All you had to do was describe what you wanted and she could make it without a pattern".
"I didn't get married in a white wedding dress because it was 1949 and we had just come through several years of war so it wasn't easy getting the material for wedding dresses and also I wanted something that I could carry on wearing after my wedding day. My outfit was pink and my sister Mary's was blue".
"Our wedding was quite a simple family affair. We travelled to church by Sibley's taxi, as everybody did at that time, as there wasn't any other choice then".

"I don't remember being at all nervous. The Rev Charlton was such a lovely vicar and at that time we used to go to church a lot. In fact we were at the 7.00am Communion service the very next morning! The reception was at my parents house at number 33. We didn't have a honeymoon; it just wasn't something we thought about really".
"After we were married we lived at 68 Crow Lane. We were the young couple in the block. We had such wonderful neighbours. There was Harry and Rose Fleet at number 69,
Mr Fleet used to chop wood for our fire and leave it stacked up outside our back door.
Lilly Yates, my godmother, lived at 67. She would cook us all sorts of things to eat. Then there was Miss Annie Alley at number 66. Miss Alley was very elderly and I can remember she always wore a long black dress, button up leather boots, white apron, and a black hat. On the long winter evenings she would often take herself off to bed at about 3 o'clock in the afteroon and be there for the night. We had such kind neighbours. We lived in Crow Lane for 10 years".