Marriage of
Barbara Woods and Douglas Neale
2nd April 1949
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Barbara and Doug were both born in Husborne Crawley, in 1923 and 1925 respectively and have lived in the village all their lives.

They grew up living within four houses of each other, Barbara at No 33 and Doug at 29. Both their fathers worked for the Bedford Estate. Mr Woods, first as a bricklayer and then as a chimney seep at the Abbey.
Mr Neale senior, worked as a deer keeper and general Estate worker; one of his responsibilities was keeping the grass cut at all the lodge entrances which he did. This was done with a scythe.

They both went to Husborne Crawley School in the 1930's when Mrs Lawrence was Headmistress. Barbara remembers enjoying the time she spent at school but Doug always looked forward to leaving to start working. His first Saturday job was for Mr Collins at the Dairy. It was here, sitting on a three legged stool, he learnt to milk his first cow. "We had to milk by hand then and it was tough work on your wrists, it really made them ache until you got used to it".
Newly Weds
Doug and Barbara Neale outside 33 Turnpike Road
School group from the early 30's
Doug and Barbara at school together