Husborne Crawley
Parish Magazine
January - December
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"By the time this number of our Magazine is issued, we shall be entering once more upon a new Christian year. Advent is a season which is specially set apart as a time of preparation for the great Festival of Christmas. It is a time when we are also bidden to think of the preparation of the world for our Lord's first coming, and of the preparation of the world for his second coming to judge the quick and the dead".
"A lantern lecture was given in the Reading Room by Rev. J.E. Gilbert on the subject of "Church Work in the Fens". The attendence, we regret to say, was not very large owing to an attractive entertainment in a neighbouring parish. The collection at the end of the meeting amounted to 8s".

The Cricket Club
A general meeting was held in the Reading Room on October 13th. The following officers were elected for the ensuing season: Captain, E. Peppitt; Vice-Captain, E. Chandler; Treasurer, F. Denton; Secretary, H.D. Harris; Committee, Rev. A. Rust, C. Barnwell, F. Barnwell, T. Chandler, W. Hobbs. HSibley and J. Toddd
"A concert in aid of the Cricket Club Funds has been fixed for January 8th"