Husborne Crawley W.I
The History
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In July 1953 a meeting was called in the village to discuss forming a branch of the W.I in the village. On 24th July the Husborne Crawley branch of the W.I was formed with a membership of 45. The first meeting of the W.I was held on Thursday 10th September in the Reading Room. The first president was Mrs Storrs-Fox with Mrs Brett as the secretary.
W.I members ringing the bells of St. James
In February 1997 the Husborne Crawley W.I joined other W.I's accross the country, in celebration of the centenary of the W.I, in the ringing of church bells.
A W.I. production put on in 1980
?, Marg Templeman, Lynn Hopper, ?, Pam Prickett and Marg Bowler
Pam Prickett and Olive cox
1958 W.I members having a talk on spectacles