Little Brickhill - The Assizes
Warren Farm, the site of Little Brickhill Assizes
From 1433 to 1638, the Assizes for Buckinghamshire were held in Little Brickhill. The Judges came from London on their Norfolk circuit. It would seem the Judges liked to keep their feet dry, as it is suggested that one of the reasons Little Brickhill was chosen, was because it is located on sand rather than clay!.

The Assizes were held at the Old Malting, which still exists, known now as Warren Farm. Although none of the records of the Little Brickhill Assizes survive, it seems the justice was often very severe. The names of 42 men and women executed appear in the church registers between 1561 and 1618. On one day in 1595, ten men and one woman were executed.

There are two known execution places just outside the village. One was behind the church about a quarter of a mile along the old Woburn road, where it meets Sandy Lane. The second was down the hill toward Fenny Stratford near the A5 roundabout, which used to be the junction of Watling Street and Great Brickhill's Galley (Gallows) Lane.

The gaol was along Little Brickhill Lane towards Great Brickhill at the point where
John Horncapps Lane joins it. This was originally a cross roads, the track on the other side of the Little Brickhill road is known as Hanging lane.

The Assizes brought an enormous number of people to the market town of Little Brickhill. The five Judges were attended by Sheriffs and Pikemen, and there were also Registrars and Officers, the Jury, Barristers, Witnesses, and, of course, the Prisoners looked after by Marshals. But far exceeding this number, were the many people who would pour into the town for the public executions.