Little Brickhill - Inns and Pubs
Lying on the main route from London to Chester, there have always been many travellers passing through Little Brickhill. During Tudor and Stuart times, the Assizes brought a great entourage with them, all needing accommodation. Nor was it unknown for whole armies to have to find accommodation in the town, as it was then. At the time of the Assizes both Fenny Stratford and Little Brickhill would have had about 12 inns each and could provide accommodation for up to 1200 people.
In 1437 Little Brickhill is recorded as having an inn named Le Hartishorn or Le Hartishead. The White Lion Inn is mentioned from 1581. In 1586 the George could provide accommodation for 50 people and 90 horses.

In the 17th Century, the Shoulder of Mutton, the Unicorn, the White Horse, the Black Boy, the Cross Keys, the Talbot and the Green Tree were all trading as Inns in Little Brickhill. Hospitality for the less well off was provided by the many lesser ale houses, which changed their names as their ownership changed hands. It seems that every one of the historic houses in Little Brickhill has been either an Inn or an Ale House at some time in its past!

Today only two inns remain, the George and the Green Man, but 1200 people are not usually looking for accommodation each night!