Rotten Row
This was named after the famous ride in Hyde Park, but before the war it was known as High Ash, presumably named after the tree that stood where the High Ash school gates are now sited. Before the time of the tree, no doubt Rotten Row had yet another name!

Possibly the oldest house in Rotten Row is No 27, this was the Cash Stores run by Sarah Cherry.

This picture shows the old Parish Hall and Reading Room
This picture shows the new Parish Hall
Down the hill from The Cash Stores you find a new road, Horsepond, which leads to the new Parish Hall, opened in 1995, and the Cricket Club. Horsepond was built on the site of the old Parish Hall and Reading Room. The old hall was built in the 19th Century, and gifted to the village, together with the Cricket Field and Childrens Playing Field, by Sir Everard Duncombe in 1935.

Horsepond was named after a pond which used to exist near where there is now a small Green on Rotten Row. Running down from this Green there is a footpath to Lower Way, This used to be know as Horsepond Hill, but was closed to traffic by the 1970s.