The Cash Stores
This picture shows a thatched cottage in Rotten Row that dates back to the 17th century. The cottage is of traditional Brick and Timber construction. Some of the beams still have the original bark on them!

The Cherry family lived in the cottage for 250 years until 1895. In the 18 hundreds an extension was built at the lower end of the cottage to house a grocery shop known as "The Cash Stores."
Other than groceries the shop sold a variety of goods even Prats Perfection Spirit which was fuel used for cars in the early days of motoring.
At one time the sitting room of the cottage was used for Sunday School. The cottage ceased to be a shop in 1930 and became derelict during the 2nd world war.

The cottage was renovated in 1945 and converted into a private house, The old celler, which had previously been used as a storeroom for the shop, was sealed under the floorboards. In the 1970's the property was extended again almost doubling the living space. The majority of the cottage at the back is modern. The cellar was discovered once again by the present owners who have since renovated it.
In the year 2000 Nick Mackay re-thatched the roof of the cottage. Nick actually lived in the village as a small boy. As you can see from the photograph the original beamed construction still remains today.

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