Great Brickhill Manor
The Duncombe Family Seat
The Manor house was built during the early part of 19th Century. The manor and grounds covered up to 70 acres.

The Manor house was a large handsome mansion of brick stuccoed, delightfully situated on an imposing site. The park and gardens surrounding the house were extensive and planted with the choicest flowers and shrubs.

In the 1840's, the Lord of the Manor was Sir Philip Duncombe. He was also a High Sheriff and became a baronet in 1859. Sir Philip was also a friend of the English Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli, who was known to stay at the manor.

The manor grounds contained a number of buildings including stables, a gas works to provide power for the manor, various lodges, including a church lodge, laundry lodge and a lower lodge. Also a folly like turretted wall was built called 'The Battlement' in the gardens in 1835.

During the 1800's the Manor was a lively and busy place with many domestic staff including housemaids, cooks, gardeners, nurses, footmen and grooms.

The Manor was used by Stratton Park School, before it was eventually demolished in 1937.