Great Brickhill Chapels
Wesleyan Chapel
The earliest recorded date for the Wesleyan Chapel in Great Brickhill dates back to 1802, when a congregation of 12 was recorded. The original Chapel in Cuff Lane was built in 1820 at a cost of £150. £50 was collected and the remainder in debt to the builder. Attendance increased in numbers sufficiently enough to warrant a new larger Chapel to be built in Pound Hill. It was built in 1879 at a cost of £230.

The Chapel was a casualty of the Second World War. A bomb fell very close to the Chapel, causing tiles to fall from the roof. The bomb fell very shortly after evacuees arrived in the village from London. Not suprisingly, a number of them packed their bags and returned to the safety of the city!.

The last services took place in the Chapel in the 1960's. Today The Chapel is a private dwelling.
The Baptist Chapel
The Baptist Chapel was set up by a lock builder from the canal, who opened his house in Great Brickhill for prayer meetings. A Chapel was built in 1812 off Cuff Lane large enough to accommodate 100: despite the congregation being only around 50 or 60 at its peak in the mid 1800s. The Chapel remained open until 1958, although only one service a year was held for some years prior to its closure.

The Chapel was subsequently demolished, and in the mid 1970s the site was made into a children's playground.