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Bow Brickhill School opened on January 21st 1878. When the doors opened for the first time there where only 70 scholars in attendance. The Head teacher was Mrs Langley. Every day the Headmistress filled out a log book which was like a school diary. This was filled in on a daily basis. Nearly everything was recorded including visiters to the school and why. An attendance officer came weekly as did the school nurse. Diseases such as chicken pox and even headlice were also recorded.The school closed for "special" days such as church outings. When H.R.H. Princes Elizabeth and Lieut, Philip Mountbattom got married the school closed for half days. This holiday was granted at the request of King George 1V. The Silver Wedding anniversary of the King and Queen on the 26th April 1948 was also celebrated with a half day holiday at the school. The opening of the school canteen on 6th October 1948 was obviously an important moment in the school life. Untill then the children had to go home for lunch.