Listen to Fred talking about a bit of his past
Mr Fred O'Dell is one of the oldest residents in the village of Bow Brickhill.He was born 20th September 1906., making him the grand old age of 94 The O'Dell family have lived in Bow Brickhill for hundreds of years. Fred has lived in the same house all his life. He started school when he was 4 years old and stayed untill he was 14. His sisters Florrie,Francis and Dorothy also went to Bow Brickhill school. At that time there were only 2 classrooms but one of them was split into 2 rooms. Each class had it's own fire which would be lit only when it was below a certaian temperature.Fred didn't go on school trips, but he made a 2 and a half mile trip to go swimming in Fenny Stratford river.

For Fred Every day began with prayers. His other lessons included History, Geography, English, Arithmetic and Nature studies. The boy's had a woodwork lesson and the girls had a needlework lesson. Fred's favourite lesson was Nature studies.

Fred's father Horace O'Dell and his Grandfather worked for the Local Estate. His father was the Game Keeper and his Grandfather was the Woodman, who lived in a lodge in the woods.

As Fred grew up he learnt a trade as a carpenter and served an apprenticeship with a local firm in nearby Bletchley and later had his own business.At one time he mended the church roof.

Fred was a long member of the Parish council until he retired a few years back.. He was also on the school governers.

Fred's wife Audrey who has sadly passed away, used to play the organ at All Saint's Church. Her Family were very musical.Audrey's grandfather Mr Edwin Waite was the old village shoe-maker, who for many years carried on his trade at the Yews that was nextdoor to Mr. Ross, the village blacksmith.

Update: sadly Fred died in April 2001, aged 95.