Today the mustard, although produced in Cheshire, still has a devoted following mainly in an area centring on Newport Pagnell and sold in specialist food shops. Unfortunately due to low production volumes it will not be found in major high street supermarkets. Its quality has been proved by its result in a Sunday Times survey result several years ago where it came joint first, with another mustard produced in Wiltshire.
During its life in the town Taylors have had some publicity coups. In 1960 Ann Sidney, Miss UK and crowned Miss World. A member of the Chamber of Trade, Richard Albone and Ron Groom managed to arrange a visit to Newport Pagnell. The local Service Area had just opened on the M1 motorway and to co-incide with the visit, it was decided to invite a family who were stopping at the services to join Miss World on her tour with the offer of having their car washed while they were on the trip. A family was found to join her on the tour which included visiting Taylors, Aston Martin and Cowley Parchment works.
Taylors have had a good relationship with Colemans over the years. Colemans did at one time prepare some of the mustard seed for Taylors. As a promotional event celebrating Dick Turpin, a known highwayman's, ride from London to York decided to re-enact it with a mail coach ride. As the route passed through Newport Pagnell they persuaded Stephen Taylor to hold up the coach and banish from Taylors Country. Due to their relationship Stephen was happy to oblige, handing over a large pot of the correct mustard for this town.
Miss World 1960 was Miss UK Ann Sidney. Ron Groom, a local businessman, and Richard Allan of the Chamber of Trade arranged for her to visit Newport Pagnell. Her visit included going to Aston Martin, Cowley Parchment Works and Taylors . As the motorway services had recently opened, it was decided that Tom invite a family stopping there to join the party and as a persuader their car was washed and polished during their absence.