In its first 26 years the Brigade had attended 72 fires. A poem which was written 1882 by Mr. William Chantler, a Fireman with the Newport Brigade reminisce about those 26 years.

One of the largest fires in Newport was on 8th June 1880 when several buildings in the High Street were badly damaged this Fire was later known as the Great Fire of Newport. Also in this same year on the 15th November Mr Whitworths (this being the same Whitworth family famous for their flour and dried fruit) flour Mills, in Mill Street, were burnt to the ground.The Mill unfortunately was the site of yet another fire, which accured on the 9th February 1899.
Those standing from left to right are:
Edward Mitchell.
Tom Whitmee.
George Proctor.
Fred Shelton.
Charles Lawman.
Capt. Samual Coales.
Seated on the wagon from left to right are:
Frank Mayne.
Walter Dimmock.
William Coverley or Charles Shelton.
James Boustead, foreman.
The two firemen standingonback
of the machine are:
Left, Cecil Odell.
Right, Reg Odell.
The driver, Jack Smith
The horse were known as
"The Swan horses".