Changing Face of Newport Pagnell
Newport Pagnell continued to be a important stopping place for travellers from London to the East Midlands and the North of England throughout the 20th Century.

Even after improvements were made to Watling Street as many as 30 stagecoaches a day broke their journey's to Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield and Leeds by stopping at Newport Pagnell.

The increased use of the motor car meant that by the 1950's traffic congestion was becoming a problem in the town.

To reduce the traffic congestion in Newprt Pagnell, various ideas were considered. Action included the demolition of the east side of St Johns Street in 1958. This was unfortunate because a by pass plan had existed since 1933 and was subsequently implemented. Ironically it was also in 1958 that the construction of the M1 motorway began in Newport Pagnell.