Present Head Teacher Remembers Early Years at Greenleys at Middle School
My memories of those first five years are very enjoyable ones. Highlights were residential visits to the environmental Studies Centres at Shortenills and langley Park and the Bucks Schools summer Camp at Nettlestone on the Isle of Wight. I also remember our first football games against other schools.

Our numbers were so small that year 4 boys were in the team and we used to play against second and third teams from much larger schools. The summer athletics meetings were also memorable. We always seemed to have a number of good athletes prepared to "give their all" and this tradition remains today. Swimming was at Wolverton pool and it always seemed to be hot. During the Summer of 1976 it was extremely hot and the water was very tempting for a teacher who was required to stay at the side ot the pool.

In the early years, before we had a kiln, we used to walk the children to Galley Hill Workshop where my good friend Harry Norey, the workshop manager, gave the children the opportunity to work with clay. We also took part in two carnivals. A book Carnival was organised by Watling Way School and we also took part in the Wolverton Carnival winning a prize for our entry of Noah's Ark. A hugh camel was the main attraction along with other animals all made at the workshop based on chicken wire frames. children dressed up as animals and Noah and his family.

Mr. John Sprittles
School Within The Community

During all of this time Milton Keynes was expanding rapidly. The city centre opened and this meant the end of Wolverton as a main shoping area. A new estates opened many families tried to obtain a house on the newest estate and this meant that children had often been to six schools before they were twelve. Eventually this practice was stopped and the areas began to settle a little.

Greenleys expanded during the time that I was "away" to include all of the development around St Mary magdalene School. The parish boundaries also changed so that, officially, our school has a Wolverton address along with the crofts our side of the main road.

it has always been a regret that the school is not situated in the "heart" of the area it serves. Although it is only just through the underpass it is not seen by many as a school within the community and we have to work hard to get people involved, because of the need to keep the children away from the main road, it is also difficult to get to by car.

New Role

After some years at this school I took on the role of Acting Deputy Headteacher and then was seconded to Wellsmead Middle School as Deputy Headteacher before returning to Greenleys in the late 1980's. The Headteacher at that time was Janet Hatfield who had taken over from Tom Prosser when he left to open Loughton combined School. later, after Alan Dryer left to be the new headteacher at Bradwell Village I was appointed Headteacher and this is, of course, my present role.

Future Developments
There is also the possibility of further development in the local area. The wolverton West flank area between our school and Radcliffe is due for development. We know that a new road is coming in to the expanded cemetery at the top of our school field and there are proposals for building on other fields. Whatever happens it is certain that Greenleys middle School will adapt to the changes and endeavor to give the very best possible education to the children of Greenleys and Hodge Lea.
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