Looking Back
As new houses were built the school grew rapidly and new teachers were appointed. The first was Vince Horton who started teaching at Greenleys during the Summer Term of 1996 and then Annette Le Marchand (Gray), Paul Snow and Barbara Cork started in September 1976. The "huts" were very good to work in and the building was very smart in the early years.

Families moving into the area had high expectations for the new city of Milton Keynes. The reality was a lot different from the advertising carried out by the MK Development Corporation and many families quickly moved back to their old home town. The teachers had expected that most of the new residents would come from London but this was not the case at all. Many families moving to Greenleys and Hodge lea in the middle and late 1970's still live in the area, and there are lots of former pupils who still live locally. Many have their own children and have sent them to our school. Included in this group is clutch member Linda Kehoe (Wright) and her two sons Oscar and Max.

A new school was planned...our present school....but when it opened it was not big enough to take all of the classes and so the huts were in continuous use until October 1999 when they were condemned because of the asbestos used in their construction. As the years went by the school was still struggling to find room for all of the children. At one time year groups averaged 85 and so MK Corporation decided to send the Stacey Bushes children to Bushfield to solve the problem.

Initially part of the building left empty was used by a language Unit to help children from the whole of Milton Keynes who spoke little English. Later adaptions were made so that NCH action for Children could make use of half of the site. In lattewr years greenleys Pre School and Oasis Holiday Scheme used the area burnt down in the fire on February 4th 2000.