Mrs Irons At
Greenleys Middle School
Pauline Irons was a deputy head at Greenleys Middle School in 1975. She spent four years and two terms at the school. She was born on the outskirts of Milton Keynes towards the end of the second world war.
The School

Greenleys Middle School was opened in September 1975, where there were four or five classes possibly 100-120 children. The new school had a terrapin type building and it was extremely noisy, because the floor was raised off the ground empty underneath. It sounded like a drum as the children walked over the floor boards.The environment of the school, as a new school was ‘pretty stark’, it did not have much. The pond had rubbish and junk, that had to be cleared out because of various objects such as sinks that were thrown in over several of years.

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The Families

The children and their families who came in those early days, where people who moved out of London. They were pleased to have a new home but they missed their facilities which were at the end of the road. They could not get used to the fact that, they were not there or they had to travel to them. Many settled but some did not, and some ended up going back to London.

The Estate

ertainly was an exciting time at Greenleys. Greenleys area itself was partially built, the other areas that the school served was Stacey Bushes and Hodge Lea, they followed and obviously Greenleys had a lot of in filling.

Around the estate the children belonged to a Junior Conservation Core and a lot of them went out and planted bulbs, trees around and along the sides of the roads and mounds. This actually tried to improve the locality and the environment for the children and the people who lived there.

Changes Over The Years

After about the first three years the new building which was the permanent building was finished and they moved across and it was about that time that the children began to really settle because in the early days, the children were unsettled because perhaps their families were unsettled and that was transmitted to the children. We did see children who were aggressive to each other.

The school suffered vandalism and breakings, but it did begin to develop and settle more and a lot of the people who were there in those early days are still living there and the school is seeing the next generation, which is some of the previous pupils’ children now going through the local school.

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