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Teachers notes
Suggested Activities
Spot the difference

Copy two pictures from different times of a building's development. Ask the children to compare them, describing the similarities and differences.

Time Travel

Get your pupils to pretend that they are travelling in a time machine, As they arrive in different decades they listen to an interviews, e.g. Clifford Gould on war time, Nancy White on Sunday schools in the 1920's, Victoria in the Twenty first century. What questions would they have asked them? Write down ten of them. The more able pupils could use this site, and others could find the answers to your questions.

Time Line

Make a time line of the churches/chapel and place the building in order of opening. Children can copy pictures of the buildings and print them out, then arrange them on a time line. The number of pictures each pupil has to collect, from four places of worship, to adding extension on St Barnabas Church for example can easy differentiate this activity. Maybe even your own school or local buildings from other sites could be used.

Did you know?

Using the "Did you know?" page, can they find things which have changed over time and things which have remained the same?

For example, in medieval Times the screen kept out of the chancel people and dogs, is that still true today?

Stained Glass Windows

Design a modern day window, maybe of a place of worship in the local community or at your school. Consider the colours used to show light through. Could be extended into an art, technology or ICT project.

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