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Teachers notes

For schools in Linslade this site together with the Railway site is an excellent resource on how the local area has developed from the arrival of the canal in the 1800's. It contains eyewitness accounts, pictures, photographs, artefacts and historic buildings.

This site can be useful when using the QCA Scheme of Work.

Unit 9
What was it like for children in the Second World War?

Clifford Gould talks about being an evacuee in Linslade, blackout, his new friends, how the church changed during wartime.

Unit 12
How did life change in our locality in Victorian times?
St Barnabas Church and Bethel Chapel are both Victorian buildings.
Bethel Chapel had a churchyard and St Barnabas Church was built and extended during the Victorian era.

Unit 18
What was it like to live here in the past?
St Mary's is a Saxon church, Bethel Chapel and St Barnabas are Victorian, finally the Methodist Chapel is a converted building opened in the 1950's. (Link)

This history of each building is told in text and photographs. The site provides information about what each building looks like (past and present).

There is a range of photographs, which could be used to compare then and now as well as to produce a slide show.

There are taped interviews which tell us what it was like to have lived in Linslade in the past, including one from an evacuee.

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