New Bradwell
Bradwell, or New Bradwell as it later became known, was one of two intermediate stations on the branch line, the other being at Great Linford.

Each of these stations employed one man who, in his spare time, delivered parcels within a mile of his station. *

Great pride was taken in these branch stations, as can be seen by the floral display here.

New Bradwell Station
New Bradwell - Newport Road, showing Sellick's Motor Engineers on the right hand side.
New Bradwell viewed from the Station bridge.
As well as the only intermediate siding on the branch line, Goodman's scrap yard, Bradwell possessed a water column which supplied the town with water. There was an alternative but very slow supply at Wolverton. Over the years Bradwell expanded, and houses were built at what became Top End which was on a higher level than the station and the rest of the village. When Nobby was taking water, the houses began to lose their supply. On Mondays, housewives had their weekly wash interrupted, and fists were often shaken at the engine crews. Soon instructions were given that no more water should be taken at Bradwell on Mondays; the slow supply at Wolverton had to be used instead. As more houses came, so there was an increased demand on the water supply at Bradwell and even more houses were deprived of water during the week. Soon orders went that no further water was to be taken at Bradwell and the column wheel was padlocked. Needless to say, someone found the key and water was taken discreetly from time to time. *

* adapted from 'Country Railwaymen - A Notebook of Engine Driver's Tales', A. E. Grigg (Calpus Books, 9 Bridge St., Buckingham).

Click here to see a selection of photographs of the housing built in New Bradwell and Wolverton to accomodate the railway workers.

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Bradwell railway Station with platform & buildings c1910 Place: Bradwell station, Wolverton, Bucks, UK

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