New Bradwell and Wolverton - Railway Housing.
The opening of the Branch Line in1866 brought with it a great many changes.

The opening of the carriage works in Wolverton provided work for many men and houses had to be built to accomodate them and their families.

Population growth in New Bradwell & Wolverton was rapid and enormous.

Railway Housing - New Bradwell
Wolverton's population rose from 335 before the Railway Works was established there, to 1,600 in 1851.

New Bradwell had a population of 2,400 by 1871.

In contrast, Newport's population rose from 3,750 in 1851 to 3,800 in 1891, apparently unaffected by the Wolverton works development.

View along Newport Road from junction with Glyn Street, New Bradwell.
Anson Road, Wolverton.

Workers at the Carriage Works.

The Newport Pagnell Gazette of 3 August 1867 stated that many men walked from Newport Pagnell to work at Wolverton, owing to the shortage of houses at the latter place.

Terraced housing was built to accomodate this influx, in Wolverton and Bradwell. Much of this housing remains unchanged today.

This photograph gives some indication of the numbers of men working at the carriage works in Wolverton.

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