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Sir Colin Gubbins
For much of his early school life Colin Gubbins became familiar with Killiemore House, Kilfinichen, his mothers home on the Isle of Mull.

His father worked in the consular service in Japan and at the age of 7 Colin was sent back to Britain for his education. He had been born in 1896 in Japan and at the age of 19 entered the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich, serving throughout World War One with the Royal Artillery.

Between the wars he saw duties in Russia, Ireland and Poland, where he witnessed the fall of that country in 1939. Following military service in Norway, he then took command of the units to fight a sabotage war, in the event that Britain might be invaded and this prepared him well for subsequent duties with S.O.E.

Leo Marks
Born to Jewish parents, Leo Marks had began compiling cryptic crosswords for The Times whilst still a schoolboy and perhaps this qualified him admirably for his work during World War Two, as head of codes for S.O.E. He had to brief the agents on the use of the codes and developed a great respect for the courage and determination of the operatives. His poem ‘Yours’ was specially written for the agent Violette Szabo, who was probably one of the most famous agents . The film ‘Carve Her Name With Pride’ recounts her life.