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Agents Equipment - Jump suit
Right, a jump suit used by S.O.E and O.S.S agents.

Purpose : The camouflage jump suit and padded helmet provided a safe and efficient method of parachuting an agent and equipment into Occupied territories.The full length zippers allow the agent to ‘walk out’ of the suit quickly upon landing. Adequate equipment is contained within the suit to sustain the agent in the event he is separated from his supplies, or is not met by his reception committee upon landing.

The parachute jump suit has special pockets for:-

A: Shroud Knife
B: Folding Shovel
C: Flashlight
D: Pistol
E: Fighting Knife
F: Medical Kit
G: Maps
H: Money (paper and gold)
I: L Tablet. (lethal dose)
J: 'Spine' Pad