Bletchley Fire station was opened at 9am on Sunday 31st October 1965. Willis & Co. built it during 1964 at a cost of £110,000.  The new station had become necessary as industry in Bletchley had expanded substantially during the 50’s & 60’s, bringing with it increased fire risks - particularly the arrival of Associated Octel on the Denbigh Industrial estate. The existing fire station at Church Street in Fenny Stratford with its part time crew was no longer adequate. Home Office rules meant that Bletchley had to update the fire service in order to comply with requirements.
Bletchley Fire Station today.
Buckinghamshire Fire Brigade had already built a new station at Langley, near Slough - an area still within the boundaries of Buckinghamshire at that time. Recruitment had taken longer than expected for Langley, so the recruitment drive for Bletchley was started 2 years before the station was completed.
During those years, a full-time crew worked out of the Fenny Stratford station, coping under very cramped conditions. The crew remained at the station during the day and went home at night; the retained crew provided cover. All calls were handled at a control centre at Wolverton. During the building of the new station, the Bletchley - based fire fighters were able to visit and follow its progress. When it finally opened, six groups of fire fighters were employed - three with a sub-officer in charge and three with a leading fireman.
After the famous strikes in 1977 fire fighters' hours and conditions changed and there is now a ‘four-watch’ system in operation; each watch is given a colour name. RED, WHITE, BLUE and GREEN.
Building in Fenny Stratford that formerly housed the Fire Service.
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